Conagua – Atotonilco – Recognition

CONAGUA was recognized abroad because of the ATOTONILCO treatment plant.

Project technology and financial innovation outstand, as well as replicability and impact on development. 

Atotonilco Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Project of the National Water Commission (Conagua) obtained the second place on efficient practices in public services and economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean by the Infrastructure Journal and the International Financial Corporation, one of the fiduciary entities of the World Bank.

After being selected from within 130 international proposals, the Project was evaluated by a regional panel of judges, who are independent from Corporación Financiera Internacional (International financing corporation). The basis was the financial innovation through public-private joint capital and infrastructure technology, as well as its impact on development and level of replicability to select those who have improved the quality of life of millions of people.

Infrastructure will have a social, environmental and economic impact upon treatment of up to 60% of sewage water in Mexico City and sending the treated water to Valle de Tula for crop irrigation. Therefore, the environment will be improved and farmers will be able to focus on more profitable crops, while they improve their income and quality of life.

Due to its complexity and size, the financing approach created was to schedule an investment higher than 10 billion pesos, out of which close to 46% was funded by the Government of Mexico; the rest was private investment coming from the consortium named Aguas Tratadas del Valle de México.

Atotonico WWTP will have the capacity to clean 35 thousand liters of sewage water per second and it is the largest worldwide construction infrastructure of its type. In 2011, it received the recognition as the Best Public-Private Project of the year within the Global Water Awards. The ceremony where this Award was presented was held in Washington D.C., U.S.A. and the people attending were Karime Yuleth Orozco Acosta, General Coordinator of Colllection and Fiscal Liquidation of Conagua and representatives from the companies participating in the WWTP financing.


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