Our Stockholders

Mitsui & Co Ltd., a global manufacturing, finance and services Company, owns 85% of Atlatec’s capital stock. Mitsui’s headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan.



It is made up of 14 business units: Iron and steel products, mineral and metal resources, infrastructure projects, motor, marine, and air space vehicles, primary chemistry, secondary chemistry, energy, food, services to the primary consumer, services to the secondary consumer, Information / Electronics and Communications, financial markets and transportation logistics.

With 142 offices in 66 countries, 420 subsidiaries and associate companies, Mitsui has 48,000+ employees around the world.

Toyo Engineering Corporation owns 15% of Atlatec’s capital stock. It is a global engineering company, which offers an entire and effective solution to its customers. Its main offices are located in Chiba, Japan.



Toyo offers a wide variety of services such as design, engineering, equipment provision, construction, testing and commissioning for various sectors of the chemical, petrochemical industries, refineries, natural gas, power generation plants, advanced production systems, medical, and biotechnology, environment and manufacturing plants.

Toyo Group of Corporations includes Toyo, 29 subsidiaries and 12 associate companies with more than 4,750 employees around the world, altogether “Toyo Global”.


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